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We are a faith-based, non-profit organization whose goal is to empower women who are disenfranchised in today’s society. These are women who might be victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, incarcerated or ex-inmates, economically disadvantaged, and an array of other possible forms of victimization. We provide resources and access to educational and entrepreneurial advantages as well as an advocate who will assist, guide, and give compassionate care to all regardless of race, religion, or creed.

Your Support
Please feel free to show your support with your cash donations or view our jewelry pages (when available), where you may purchase one of our fine pieces. All proceeds will benefit the women and assist in keeping our program in operation so we may help others.
Volunteer Opportunities

An invitation to serve the community:

W2W invites all who want to make a difference in the life of a woman in any of a number of ways, please feel free to contact us and complete a short introduction survey.

  • administration
  • board of directors
  • event planning
  • fundraising
  • mentors
  • intake specialist
  • educational awareness
We will love to have you. Call Gail Gardner @407.294.9883
Stiletto Scholarship

Woman To Woman Global Mentorship is proud to present a Stiletto Scholarship to Ayana Bernard for her entrepreneurial passion as the talk show host of “Mak It Hapin Radio Show".



Ayana shares:
"The Lord has put many wonderful people in my life such as my family, pastors, ministers, leaders, professionals, friends, to help me become and do all that He is blessing me to do today. The “Mak It Hapin Radio Show” derived from my entrepreneurship endeavor in the sales of fashion jewelry. The purpose of the business is to donate a percentage of profits from sales, to charitable organizations that provide hope and help to others."